Yoga Therapy

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There are two options for Yoga Therapy with Cindy:

(1) Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
This is an individual process where assisted yoga postures, non-directive dialogue, and breathing techniques are used for treating individuals in the physical, spiritual and emotional realms. Physically, it is like having a yoga class done to your body but with added layers of deep introspection that leads to the opportunity for creating a more fulfilling life. Emotionally, it helps heal past traumas that you may or may not be aware of. Explore Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

  • One hour: $100

For more information about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy:

(2) Kripalu Yoga Coaching
Individuals (and partners) can benefit from personal yoga training designed for specific needs. The first session is a :45 minute muskoloskeletal assessment. Then a plan is agreed upon and each following session focuses on the treatment appropriate for healing, to improve functioning, and/or exploring the physical realm for the day.

Half-Hour Session

  • Individual: $25
  • Two friends or couple: $40