Traveling Yogini

Got a great place and great people you want to do yoga with? Call me! I'll travel to see you!

Prices are based on number of participants and distance traveled.

If interested, call Cindy at 603.762.1488 or click on "contact us" in the main menu.

I look forward to traveling to your digs with my travel pack of mats and accessories.

Until Then:

Thoughts from Island Pond Yogi Don Flemming:

When weather's good, there's no rain, it's not windy
We gather, on the deck with our Cindy
She invites us to be seated and be still
Join your voices in an UMM if you will
When you breathe, start down low then go to the top
As we practice, keep on going, do not stop
Turn your heads to the right, to the left
Never mind if you're not feeling very deft
Now it's the time for the cat and cow
On your knees and I will then show you how
Take breath in, arch your back, push it up
Drop your butt, you're a cat, not a pup
Raise your knees, stretch it out, hold it there
The doggies down, so she says. Do we care?
Now stand up, not too fast, just a roll
Don't hurt your spine, too much stress takes its toll
Salute the sun, wave your arms, don't be still
Out in front, side to side, bend at will
Be a mountain, stand real tall, look straight ahead
We'll try some balance then pretend we're all dead
As we end, in gentle voice of peace we're told
By Cindy Sterling, not of silver but of gold!