Kate Tarlow Morgan

BodyMind Centering and Modern Dance

Kate Tarlow Morgan, New York City-born choreographer, writer, and urban archaeologist has lived in rural New England since 1998. Her interest in local place and its history inspired her most recent large work, "Walking In The Water," (2006), a re-telling the story of the devastating 2005 flood in Alstead, NH. Sole archivist of The Rhythms Technique – specialized work based on natural movement, Morgan teaches in local schools. She has blended the Rhythms work with studies in the field of Movement Development and has created a training program for teachers of young children. She also has a private practice in Touch and Repatterning.

Morgan is managing editor of Currents, an annual journal that focuses on movement education, therapy, and the study of somatics. Her book of essays, Circles and Boundaries: Writings from the Field, is to be published by Factory School in 2010. She is also co-editor of The Body-Mind Centering Anthology: Unfolding the Somatic Experience to be published by North Atlantic Press in 2011.