Jill McLean

Vinyasa Yoga and Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

From Brooklyn, New York to New Hampshire. I am an experienced professional in stressing myself out, worrying about things beyond my control and wearing that daily stress in my body. ?After? a decade long career in a high pressure sales job (?and more recently,? juggling that with two kids) I woke up one morning, called in the office and quit.

I've been a student of yoga for the last 15 years, but have truly dedicated myself to my practice since ?leaving my job???. Slowly my jaw has released, and my anxiety has slipped away along with my neck pain- adios!

I completed my 200 hour training through ?Sonic Yoga in Hells Kitchen of NYC where I studied under Lauren Hanna, Tracy Mohr, Johanna Bell and Jeffrey Duval?. My? training? was? based on the teachings of Shiva Rea.

Additionally, I am certified to teach ?k?ids ?yoga ages 2-7 though Next Generation Yoga.

I'm also RPYT certified having completed 85 hours of ?p?renatal ?y?oga training studying with Deb Flashenberg, a real prenatal yoga revolutionary, in New York City's Upper West Side at Prenatal Yoga Center. I feel strongly about the ?benefits of yoga during pregnancy and am passionate about working with women to help relieve ?their ?aches and pains and also prepare ?their ?bod?ies ?for labor and delivery.

My? yoga? style is Vinyasa and all of my classes are thoughtfully sequenced?, ?and usually themed.

I look forward to meeting you in class?!?