Cindy Sterling Clark

Kripalu Yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Cindy Sterling Clark is a 500 hr CYT - Kripalu certified yoga teacher (2000), a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (2004), Hits The Spot Yoga (2016) - and a non-practicing RN (2006). She has been living in the Monadnock Region for three decades and is the founder of Sterling Studios, LLC. Cindy teaches with the philosophy that Yoga is good for everyone, no matter what your shape, size, health status or age may be.

When not studying and teaching yoga, she has her hands in solid waste. Whether it is hazardous, recyclable, reusable, or compostable, Cindy helps residents, businesses, and municipalities discover the best possible management practice for stuff they no longer need.

"Preserving personal health and environmental health. The practice of Yoga is a wonderful means for awakening relationships with ourselves, our community, and our environment. It is the best possible management practice for body, mind, and spirit."

Cindy brings flow, fun, and compassion to her teachings. "If I cling to nothing, I can handle anything". Or in the words of Swami Kripalu: "Self awareness without judgement, is the highest form of spiritual practice."

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