Authentic Joy Moves

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Express Yourself Through Movement
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11:00am - 12:00pm

Join the Monadnock Region collective dance group that has combined the essence of Joy Moves with Authentic Movement in an effort to "set free the experience and let go of the form."

The basis of Authentic Movement is to integrate Jung's concept of active imagination with modern dance movement improvisation.

Keene's Authentic Joy Moves at Sterling Studios combines the basic forms and concepts with a live free or die attitude. It is:
• a meditative, spiritual practice that integrates body and mind for increased access to consciousness.
• a psychotherapy process, for enhanced sense of self and and well-being; often bringing unconscious thoughts to awareness.
• an artistic support, to connect with creativity and creative process, unblocking and opening to new ideas.
• a community outreach and development in community long circles, that address and solve community-wide problems.

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$5.00 suggested donation.

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